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Who is Regarde Le Ciel?

Imagine the smell of leather, of polish and waxes, Imagine soft cloths and the warmth of passionate artisans making something unique through the work of their hands. That is how we create the deepest beauty with painstaking craftsmanship that brings out the color and gleam of each Regarde Le Ciel Shoe.

Regarde Le Ciel was created aiming to satisfy a well aware consumer. Using unique characteristics - quality, lightweight, flexibility, and most importantly the hand-crafted natural finishes.

What distinguishes our products from the rest of the female shoes in the industry?

We have adopted a few words, which comprehensively define the brand - longing, mindfulness, quality, craft and premium materials. These five words receive highest recognition from all our international shoe buyers. These words are not only mirrored in the feelings that customers receive when wearing the shoes, but should also be mirrored in the shoes aesthetics. This combination is the essence of Regarde Le Ciel shoes. Unique and translucent shoes - an essential in delivering handcrafted products.

Where can you find Regarde Le Ciel?

Regarde Le Ciel sells to medium and large scale retailers globally. Within the European market, Regarde Le Ciel is dominantly present in France, Germany, the Benelux and the UK. Due to the large interest from the American market, Regarde Le Ciel is in the beginning stages of opening a US based company in order to service the market better.


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