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1. Purchase

1.1. Where can I buy Regarde Le Ciel?

Regarde Le Ciel shoes can be bought in two different ways - (1) retailers or (2) online store.

If you want to find the retailer closest to you please check the store locator - select the country which you wish to see and you will find information on the retailers selling Regarde Le Ciel. Please be aware we cannot guarantee that retailers have the model you are looking for. Each retailer makes their own selection from the Regarde Le Ciel collection.

The online store only sells in Europe.

1.2. Can I order a model that is no longer available in my size or in the color I want?

If there is a model that is no longer available in your size or in the color you want, please get in contact with the Regarde Le Ciel customer service team. The customer service team can either inform you where the product is available in a close by retailer or can keep your information recorded in case we have a replenishment of the product.

When requesting information on a model that is no longer available in the size or color please provide the following information to [email protected]: name and surname, full name of product (name and number reference), color, and size.

The Customer Service team will try their best to satisfy your needs.

1.3. What is the process to purchase a product at

Select the items you wish to purchase. Add these to the trolley (purchase basket). The trolley will contain the following information: image, product description, size, price, and quantity. Dependent on the country of purchase there may be added transportation expenses. The price of the product does not include expenses for returns or custom duties. Custom duties, if applicable to your country, will have to be paid upon receipt.

When the purchase order has been filled a summary record will be presented. The summary record will contain: order information, delivery address, and total cost. When this is revised, order is to be confirmed.

Once the purchase order has been confirmed payment can be made by any of the 3 methods: 1) Credit/Debit card, 2) Bank Transfer, or 3) Paypal.

Once purchase is completed an email message will follow. This will contain order summary and personal data. If you do not receive this email this could be due to 2 problems: a temporary problem or a mistake in giving your e-mail address. In both cases get in contact with the customer service department at [email protected]

Purchases can be made 24 hours - 7 days a week. Processing of orders will occur during labor days.

1.4. What currencies are prices in?

Regarde Le Ciel currently sells in Euro’s or in Pounds. Purchases made from the United Kingdom are paid in Pounds. The remaining European countries can only make purchases in Euro’s.

Prices shown on already include VAT taxes. Spain has a VAT of 21%.

1.5. What payment methods are accepted?

At we accept different payment methods according to the country. Payment methods vary between the following:
-Bank transfer
-Credit Card payment and Debit Card payment

2. Size and Product

2.1.1. What sizes are available at Regarde Le Ciel?

Regarde Le Ciel female shoe size range from size 36 to 42, European continental sizes. If you are not aware of the sizes please make reference to below size chart:

European Continental Size 36 37 38 39 40 41 42
UK Size 3,5 - 4 4,5 - 5 5,5 - 6 6,5 7 7,5 - 8 8,5 - 9
USA Size 5,5 - 6 6,5 - 7 7,5 - 8 8,5 9 9,5 - 10 10,5 - 11

2.2. Are the color of the products the same as reality?

A large effort has been made to show the color of the items as close as possible to the real color. However due to factors such as computer screens, colors can have slight variations.

3. Shipping

3.1. Where are deliveries made? Which countries can order from the online store?

Orders are delivered to any address within Europe, with the exception of addresses in remote or hard-to-reach locations - if such the case, please get in contact prior to making purchase. Purchases made at Regarde Le Ciel are delivered by DHL or any other carrier Regarde Le Ciel wishes to use.

When making purchase please ensure you have given a correct contact phone number or email address for any problems that may arise during the purchase process and at the time of delivery.

3.2. What are the sending costs?

If shipping cost are applicable then such will be shown on the cart. Shipping costs are applicable according to country and the delivery time frame.

Costs for custom duties and for returns are on the expense of the customer.

There are limited-time offers where shipping and return may be free of charge. These offers will be announced on our website, social media pages, or in our newsletters.

3.3 How long does it take for my order to get dispatched?

All orders made before 4pm will be dispatched on the same day. Orders are dispatched from Monday to Friday, with the exception of holidays. Once shipped, delivery is dependent on the shipment method. For express packages it might take 24hr/48hr for the package to be delivered.

The Regarde Le Ciel online store is based in Barcelona, Spain.

4.4. What are the steps after an order has been placed? Can I track my order with DHL?

When you have placed an order you will receive a confirmation order.

When your order has been dispatched you will receive an email with a tracking number and a direct link to track your package. A package will go through the following stages:

1. Shipment picked up Barcelona : The shipment has left our office and is with DHL
2. Processed in Barcelona
3. Departed facility in Barcelona: The shipment has left Barcelona to reach destination country
4. Arrived/Departed at Sort facility in destination country: The shipment is being sorted send to delivery facility
5. Arrived at Delivery Facility: The shipment is being sorted to reach final customer
6. With delivery courier
7. Delivery
All stages of the order are marked with city, country, and time stamp.

If you were to not be home when DHL or another delivery courier comes by for delivery, the delivery courier will leave a note with a telephone number or get in contact with you. A new delivery date that suits your agenda will be set.

3.5 Will someone need to sign on delivery?

Yes, someone will need to sign the package on delivery. By signing the person accepting the package is confirming the acceptance of the delivery.

4. Returns, exchanges and cancellations

4.1. What guarantee is offered for Regarde Le Ciel shoes bought online?

All Regarde Le Ciel shoes come with a 2 year guarantee on manufacturing defects.

Items offered on the website are selected from the Regarde Le Ciel collection and have the same high quality standards that Regarde Le Ciel offers on all its products. Our customer service department offers an after-sales service whose sole purpose is to find quick, efficient solutions to any problems you may have with our products. If you have any questions contact us.

4.2. Can I exchange my shoes for another size or model? Can I return a purchase? What are the conditions?

At you have a total of 15 days after delivery of product to exchange or return a purchase. For a return or exchange the purchased items must meet the following conditions:

1. Items cannot have been worn or utilized.
2. Items must contain the original label
3. Items must be placed in the original shoebox. It must be returned in the same state as received. Do not use the shoebox as sending package.

Through the online store, it will only be possible to exchange products and issue returns for products purchased at

5.3. My product has a defect what should I do?

In the unlikely event that your product has a defect on delivery, please get in contact with the Regarde Le Ciel customer service team at [email protected] The team will take action as needed.

5. Regarde le ciel customer account member

5.1. Why should I create a Regarde Le Ciel customer account?

By creating an account with our store, you will be able to move through the checkout process faster, store multiple shipping addresses, and view and track your orders in your account and more.

5.2. How do I sign up for a Regarde Le Ciel customer account?

If you wish to create a Regarde Le Ciel customer account you can do such in two ways.

Firstly, you can go to the account page - the top right corner icon, or, secondly, you can create an account during the purchasing process. In both situations you will need to provide an email address and a password.

5.3. Managing the Regarde Le Ciel customer account.

Once you have created a Regarde Le Ciel customer account you are able to edit any information you wish. By entering your account you will find the following categories and be able to do the following:

Account Dashboard: A summary of all account information (past orders, newsletter signup, address, and account info.)

Account Information: Option to change name, surname, email and password

Address Book: A summary of all addresses stored for shipping. Option to modify the addresses.

My orders: Historic order summary

Billing agreements: What system is being used to purchase products?

My product reviews: A summary of all the product reviews you have written

If you have any questions or problems with your account please get in contact with the customer service department.

5.4. I forgot my password. How can I reset it?

If you have forgotten your password you can reset the password. On the webpage you will find the account icon on the right corner, next to the shopping basket.

Once in the account page you will need to input your email and select forgot password. Please follow the instructions given. If you are still unable to access your account, get in contact with the customer service team

5.5. I cannot sign into my account?

If you are unable to access your account then this could be related to 2 factors; email input or password input. Please double check that you have inputted the correct email and password. If you are sure you have put in the correct email but you are still unable to enter please try resetting your password.

In the unlikely event that you have entered the correct email and password but are still unable to enter your account please get in contact with the customer service team.