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our shoes have a clear attitude to woman, to the world and the way we all love to live.
-regarde le ciel


What can you expect from a shoe brand that summons you to look at the sky? “Regarde Le Ciel: look at the sky!” What can you expect? Quiet a lot, as it turn out!

Each individual shoe will contribute to satisfying your personal desires and aspirations. Longing for beauty, health, happiness and love - yes! Shoes can do all that! We could tell you how, but this would break the spell. This ambiguity and openness to imagination increases its fascination, so we’ll just let you enjoy them instead. While you do, you should know that Regarde Le Ciel is a mindful brand. It maintains your personal desires and wishes, without doing such at the expense of others. We pay attention to fair production, fair material procurement and are always looking for the optimal transportation method, so as to not strain the world beyond measure.

Rest assured we do not sacrifice quality craftsmanship for price. Because, while people may think they want shoes to be cheap, nobody actually likes a cheap shoe. We create a craftsmanship based on correctly elaborated and processed materials. We have adopted a few words, which comprehensively define the brand - longing, mindfulness, quality, craft and premium materials.

These five words receive highest recognition from our international shoe buyers – such recognition is a mandatory requirement. These words should not only be mirrored in the feelings received from wearing the shoes, but should also be mirrored in the shoes aesthetics. This combination is the essence of Regarde Le Ciel shoes. Unique and translucent shoes - an essential in delivering handcrafted products.

When other shoes are of tedious quality or follow unsustainable trends, slip into a pair of Regarde Le Ciel shoes, tilt your head, and look at the heavens.