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Leather is a natural product - it is a material which gives back the life to a shoe. The touch, color, transparency and the grain of a leather is key. These characteristics make for a good leather.

A good leather starts with the rawhide - stiff untanned leather. For this, animals must live in proper conditions, maintaining their skin at an optimal levels. Natural leathers, as used within our company, reflect the health of the animal. How it was grown, the food consumed, the area it lived in.

- Filip Rasschaert

We create a craftsmanship based on correctly elaborated and processed materials. We purchase natural leather without finishing and work the leather with environmentally friendly methods which were previously used in Italy. The essence of our Regarde Le Ciel shoes is in the carefully selected leathers.


This Is Regarde Le Ciel’s signature and iconic leather. The leather is produced as a natural leather without finishing. This allows the leather to react well to the treatments and brushing done in our factories. The treatment procedure enhances the color, the texture and the also the final shine of the products.


A tanned hide to produce a supple and durable material. Brushed and napped on both sides to enhance its softness. Suede is a soft and smooth leather.


A thin varnish is applied in the final steps of the tanning process to give the leather a high gloss and shiny finish.


A leather, treated only to an extent that it has been brushed and polished. The sanding of the leather creates the fine fibres that are found on nubuck, giving it a velvety soft touch. A full-grain leather that has not been processed. It is amongst the most natural leathers.