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Due to a sudden loss of his father, Filip Rasschaert moved to Spain to be closer to his family. An event leading him to the beginning of a life, with long lasting passion, in the leather industry. He started his first job working, at the time, in the largest tannery group of Spain - Leatherval, to then later move on to working with, GCV.


Filip Rasschaert received a new business proposal to start a joint venture with a Chinese-Taiwanese group. A joint venture to set up a factory and development center specifically targeted for the world market. A factory on 240,000 m^2 of land and with 24 production lines. This venture at a time where the Chinese market was still a blur.

It is here that Filip learnt the finest details in leather. Through the collaboration with French, German, Italian and Spanish shoe makers.


The decision is made to follow his own path. Filip Rasschaert set’s up his own company - Uniglobal Asia. A servicing and development business for large shoe brands.


Having gained the knowledge, and after several petitions from clients, Filip creates his own lady collection. He starts selling to medium and large size retailers. A sample room is set up with over 45 workers. A financial and invoicing hub is created. A hub today known as Sinopro Trading.


In 2011, Filip Rasschaert opened the doors to his first female footwear brand, Regarde Le Ciel. A brand created at aiming to satisfy a well aware consumer. Products featuring unique characteristics. Product representing quality, lightweight, flexibility and most importantly hand crafted natural finishes.

The very first iconic boots. 2011 marks the year of the first Regarde Le Ciel boots. Boot which have become iconic - the Stefany 03 and Marisi 22 model. A comforting feeling as the foot slides into the cozy warmth of the short hair fleece and the shoe closes pleasantly around the foot. The robust stitching bears witness to the sturdy build of this footwear. The glove's finish and grip have the familiar sensual feel of leather.

A production unit is set up in Chennai India, Future Well Shoes. A factory that employs over 250 workers and a yearly output of 150k pairs. The factory is BSCI audited.


A sales office is set up in Hilden, Germany. The brand incorporates a stronger European sales team to cover the German, French, Benelux and UK market.


Regarde Le Ciel continues its global expansion, by opening new markets. With the Fall Winter 2013 season Regarde Le Ciel enters into the American Market.


Regarde Le Ciel introduces a newer and renewed Logo.


2016 sets a milestone for Regarde Le Ciel. The opening of a new showroom in Barcelona. The entering into the Australian, Swiss, UK, Spanish, Italian and Austrian market. The launch of its first e-commerce site with And, the setup of the customer service and marketing department.

Regarde Le Ciel stays true to it’s brand essence as it continues to increase its global presence.