What size am I?

Our models follow standard European sizes, however they may slightly differ between lasts. On the product page we have provided a size guide that can help you find the right size. If you are unsure of a size, contact us at and a member of our customer service team will be able to provide you measurements for each model/size.

I previously bought a model from the collection Roxana, does this mean I will fit the same size in all models from this collection?

Yes, fitting in the collection is the same. This is to say, if you purchased a specific size from a collection (such as Roxana), you will have the same size in all models from this same collection. This applies to all collections.

Can I try on your products anywhere?

Send us an email at customer-service @ and our customer service team will locate a local retailer that has the model available for you to try on. If there are no local retailers near you, our team will provide all necessary measurements to help you find the correct size.

What if the size does not fit?

If the size does not fit you can exchange it for another size or a refund.